Aynfalale Pal-Talk Room Discussion


Mahber Mesekakir Bet Timhirti Tsibah

Friday 25 -01-2008
@ 20;00 GMT

This is a not to be missed discussion,


You are welcome to discuss and ask questions

Eritrean struggle for the independence has been one of the unique struggles in the world’s history. Worldwide people were amazed by this reputable struggle, which gave an unprecedented victory to Eritrea . The distinctiveness of the Eritrean people as well as their humbleness is proven by facts to the entire world as well as anyone who has closely known the Eritrean people.

Yet with shocking lies and misleading deeds, ex drug addicted and mentally disturbed Senait Mehari (who with the help of someone wrote a deceptive book about the Eritrean struggle for independence and made a film out of it) and Her immoral supporters are distorting and defaming the Eritrean people, their culture and in a particular way the Eritrean struggle for independence. Thus to finally and completely unveil these disturbing and fabricated Senait’s accounts, the Aynfalale group in the paltalk room is organising a debate/interview with the “Mahber Mesekakir Bet Timhirti Tsibah” who are closely following Senait’s case on Friday the 25th 2008 at 20:00 European time, therefore we kindly invite all Eritreans around the world to participate in this very important open discussion.


If you do not have the paltalk messenger, then you need to download it from www.paltalk.com, create your free account and once you have created your account, search for the Eritrean rooms after that click in the Eritrea aynfalale room.

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Glory to our martyrs

Aynfalale Group