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C cat.no.: TERP AS-07/08
total playing time: 2h.34m
format: Double-CD with 88-page book with history, interview, lyrics and
photos. All in English and Tygrinia.
Recorded between February 2000 and November 2003 in Holland at the
Koeienverhuur Studio in Purmerland by Dolf Planteydt.

I found Tsehaytu by coincidence in Rotterdam, Holland, discouraged and not
playing much anymore. I build her a new krar and after some practice
sessions, we decided to record the CD together. There isn¹t really much
Eritrean music recorded, from those days.
The songs are as authentic as possible, Tsehaytu playing all the
instruments; the krar, kobero and bass-krar. To western ears it is largely
unknown music.
These strange, beautiful rhythms and these moving, almost blues-like
ballads. The 17 songs are from different periods of Tshehaytu¹s life. From
the very first successes till brand new material, commenting on the latest
developments in Eritrea.
With many people involved, we worked for four years on the project, out of
respect and love for Tsehaytu's music and person. She deserves to be well
documented and remain remembered as a great musician.
The double CD, with more than two and a half hours of music, also includes a
book with an incredible interview about her life, culture and history. It
also contains many old photos and the lyrics.
I wanted to make this wonderful music available to the western music lovers,
but of course I realise it is the heritage of Eritrean culture and I know
how important Tsehaytu was for the Eritrean people, both young and old.

Hopefully you can help me spreading the news in the Eritrean community, so
Eritreans know about this release. And make it in any way available to the
If there are any suggestions or questions, please let me know.
All the best, and lots of listening pleasure!

Terrie Ex
Terp Records

Walboomers Music
Amsterdam, Holland
tel. -31-20 4713107




CD 1
1. Atzmtom keskisom
2. Iley li habelmalet
3. Abashawel
4. Hallu
5. Harestai
6. Sport malet
7. Asmara
8. Freweini
9. Askarbay gomma
CD 2
1. Bisenselet feqri
2. Mejemeria feqri
3. Simsim
4. Ilkanere beantebo
5. Lale bola
6. Kabacha meflayey
7. Ade
8. Selam

Tsehaytu Beraki is an absolutely legendary singer from Eritrea. Born in 1939
in Quatit, a small village, she soon picked up the krar (5-string harp) and
after moving to the capital Asmara she became a famous singer in bars, to
attract men to the local traditional beer houses. In the 1970-ies she was
discovered by producer Tewelde Redda, who took her to Addis Abeba, to record
for Philips some 7² singles. She also appeared on television all over
Ethiopia and Eritrea. She was a very big star. But the political situation
got more and more intense. Eritrea was fighting for independence, and
Tsehaytu got involved in the struggle. Her songs moved from love songs to
more polical statements and comments. She was actually playing and singing
at the front, for eight years. Heavy days. One time her concert was bombed,
seven people died and Tsehaytu was badly injured. After her faction, the
ELF, was pushed into the Sudan by the rivalling EPLF, she didn¹t give up and
went back to the villages, to sing and support the women and children.
Her courage and inspiration still mean a lot to all Eritreans. When the
situation became too bad, she too had to flee into Sudan and in 1988 she
ended up in Rotterdam, Holland, where she still is.